The Eagle Team

We have built a team that has over 183 years of collective experience, with an average of 23 years of experience across the analyst team. Our CIO Team has worked together for over a decade.

“Risk is greatest when agreement is greatest.”

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We firmly believe a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and ways of thinking among our colleagues leads to better investments and business insights. Eagle has worked to improve the diversity of its staff and will continue to spend time focusing on diversity and inclusion initiatives.



We approach everything we do with analytical rigor, intellectual curiosity and creativity combined with emotional calm, patience and humility. Learning from our mistakes fuels our improvement.


Eagle Cares

Beth and Ravenel Curry created Eagle Capital with a specific vision. They wanted to build a unique firm that manages client investments pursuant to a time-honored investment philosophy and process. This long-term framework applies to everything we do. Our approach has been to hire the right people, partner with the right clients, find the best management teams with whom to invest and foster a culture that promotes positive citizenship.

Our team at Eagle feels passionately about philanthropy. Beth and Ravenel started The Beth and Ravenel Curry Foundation to improve the lives of others, especially in the areas of health and education. The foundation applies a long-term lens and generously supports numerous causes that can address the root causes to core issues in health and education. Eagle also encourages colleagues to contribute their own time and money to worthy causes and has a corporate matching program to expand Eagle’s social impact.  ​

The Eagle Team
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