Applying a Long-Term Investment Philosophy for Over 35 Years


Thoughtful Research &
Rigorous Valuation Discipline

Eagle Capital Management, LLC was founded in 1988 by Beth and Ravenel Curry. The firm seeks to create an environment in which original, thoughtful research and rigorous valuation discipline drive long-term investment decisions. The firm offers one strategy which it has consistently managed under the same investment philosophy since the firm's inception.

Investment Philosophy

Research-Driven Approach

We use a fundamental, bottom-up research approach that seeks to identify undervalued companies with unrecognized long-term growth potential and stocks that are inexpensive relative to their core earnings power and long-term prospects. We believe our time horizon uniquely positions us to think differently about what drives and influences industries and companies.

Our Team

Seasoned & Focused

Our 41 person firm is a team of curious and passionate learners that share a common belief to always put the clients first. We understand it is a privilege to manage our partners’ capital and we do not take that fiduciary duty lightly. Our team is bound together with the shared commitment to do right by our clients.